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Bookjacket - Like Water for Chocolate
Magical Realism
You may have heard certain novels referred to as a having a magic or magical realism style. What does this mean and who are some of the main authors of these books? Take a look at these web resources to learn more - you may be surprised to have already encountered magical realism!...More

-What is Magical Realism, Really?
-The Modern World: Magical Realism
-Magic Realism
Best Books
Bookjacket - Case Histories
Case Histories
This new novel from award-winner Atkinson is a breathtaking story of families divided, love lost and found, and the mysteries of fate. As Private Detective Jackson Brodie investigates three cases, startling connections and discoveries emerge....More

-Read an excerpt from this title
Books You've Never Read
You may know that Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women, but what about Eight Cousins? Take a look at some suggestions of authors you've heard of, but books you might haven't.
Bookjacket - Spindle's End
Need a gift for someone who loves biographies? Check out our Biography room for lots of ideas like celebrities, politicians, scientists, and even criminals.
Bookjacket - Eight Cousins
One of the key steps in getting children to love to read is finding something that interests them. This holiday season, give your child a book about something he/she loves. Visit our Children and Young Adult Literature room for ideas.
Cool Stuff
Antique map of Italy, close-upLiterature Map
Visit the Literature Map to see who is else writes like your favorite author. Careful, you might get addicted!
The Saint Florian's PsalterLuminarium
Try this beautiful site for online texts of Medieval, Renaissance, Restoration, and 17th century literature.
reading a bookShort Stories
Like a good short story to perk up your mood? Find lots of short stories online at this great UK site.
Did You Know?
Stephen King or Richard Bachman?
Stephen King also wrote under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman for some of his earlier novels. The name was a combination of the first name of a pseudonym for another fiction writer, and the last name of musician.